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E V E R Y D A Y  

The intent of Everyday was to create a body of work about the sub-culture of skateboarding in Cornwall. Looking into all different kind of skaters for example, downhill longboarders, freestyle longboarders, flat ground skaters, ramp skaters and roller skaters. I also wanted to look into the aspectsparts of skateboarding you don’t usually see in magazines, like the process of getting a trick, the socialising aspect, the locations and the skater themselves (portraits.)

All Photos are available to purchase, Use my email or instagram to order

Billy at Maritime
Flo at Quarry
Final 3.jpg
Final 4.jpg
Final 5.jpg
Final 6.jpg
Final 7.jpg
Final 8.jpg
Final 9.jpg
Final 10.jpg
Final 11.jpg
Final 12.jpg
final 13.jpg
Final 14.jpg
Final 15.jpg
Final 16.jpg
Final 17.jpg
Final 18.jpg
Final 19.jpg
Final 20.jpg
Final 21.jpg
Final 22.jpg
Final 23.jpg
Final 24.jpg
Final 25.jpg
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